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Custom Airbrush Helmets are what most creative riders want. No matter if you have a cruiser or a chopper, we can created something custom for you. We have sent our customers creative designs that have made our customers estactic. The designs are all original and one of a kind. Air brushing custom helmets is a serious business and that is how we consider all of our custom work. Serious! As you can see below we take pride in all of our work. We have the finest designers that are well versed in their art!

Custom Airbrushing comes with the following:

  • Each helmet is painted with House of Kolor paint
  • Clear coated a minium of 3-5 times. Dupont
  • Heat dried
  • Cured for 3 days
  • Wet Sanded

Before we do any custom work there are a few things that you may want to consider. What kind of helmet do you want? Do you want a 3/4, Full Face Helmet or a Beanie helmet painted? Does it matter if the helmet is DOT or not? What is your time frame? Do you have a design in mind you'd like to have painted? Do you have an image of the design? Is there a color scheme you want to match your Motorcycle or Chopper?

Most custom jobs take between 3-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the job. Once we start the job, we cannot stop. If you give us the go ahead on the job, we will start preping and the Custom Airbrush work begins. Painting of motorcycle helmets will automatically void all manufactures warantee. Feel free to contact us for a price quote or to discuss your design.

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